(Pictured from left to right)  Laura Hetsko, David Rachita, Chuck Carlisle, Amy Kennedy-Reynolds (current chair), Randy Russel, Kim Brizendine, Lisa Chisholm, Dennis Cruse, Kat Grannemann, Carole Young. Not pictured; Pete Halvorson, Rick Powers

A Note from Our Chair

On behalf of the entire Board of Stewards, let me express our appreciation for allowing us to serve the congregation of Friendswood United Methodist Church. It is both an honor and privilege to serve in this capacity, and we do take very seriously the trust you have placed in us. As your church leaders, it is extremely important for us to work closely with our pastors, staff members, and the congregation to help achieve the mission and goals of FUMC. 

 We have identified several themes that we are using this year to guide our efforts. 

  • "Seek God first..."  in all discussions and endeavors we consider and undertake.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate...we promote transparent and open communication-- it is crucial for you as congregational members to know what is going on and equally important for us to get your feedback and insights.
  • Build relationships...strengthening and enhancing our relationships with each other will lead to greater opportunities to do God's work and glorify Him.

Over the next few months, we hope you will be able to tangibly see the results of the themes we have identified.  Here are some highlights of what is to come, based on our foundational theme of communication:

  • We are in the process of revising our FUMC website to include a BOS area where you can easily find information about our plans, activities, and initiatives. We want this to be a useful resource for you to learn more about the FUMC BOS structure and strategic vision, along with getting to know the BOS members.
  • We are planning at least two congregational "town hall" forums to provide additional avenues of communication.  As mentioned previously, one of our primary goals is to enhance the communication and outreach between church leadership and congregational members.
  • We are looking for new and varied ways to communicate with the congregation-- it is very important to us for you to be informed and to have a communication path back to us.  We are looking at creative ways to use social media, visiting Sunday School classes, etc. in order to promote open and transparent communication-- please give us your ideas!
  • Please know that you are always welcome to attend any of our BOS meetings that occur at 12:15 the third Sunday of each month. 
  • We also want to build and enhance our relationships with each other as we "seek God first" in embracing the opportunities He sets before us to fulfill His plans for FUMC.  Once again, we will be looking for creative ways to get to know each other better-- another opportunity for you to give us your thoughts.

I'll close for now.  Please know that I am humbled to serve as the Chair of the FUMC Board of Stewards.  I am so excited to see how this year unfolds as we come together to "seek God first"!

In His Love,