Friendswood Methodist is governed by a single Board of Stewards model in accordance with the United Methodist Book of Disciple

1. What is a single board model?

The single board model essentially takes the functions of four administrative committees and combines them into one body. This model has been adopted in many churches in the Texas Annual Conference, including some of the largest Methodist churches in the connection. Our Bishop, Scott Jones, has endorsed the single board model and has said that he has seen it used effectively in churches both large and small. It allows for more nimble and efficient decision making. Under our current structure, pressing decisions sometimes get bogged down in review by multiple committees. The single board model will allow leaders to look at the big picture and more easily make a decision. It allows the leadership of the church, both lay and staff, to concentrate on the core mission of the church in making disciples of Jesus Christ, instead of focusing energy on administrative tasks and it pushes the day to day management of the ministry to where it belongs with the pastors, staff, and ministry team leaders. At the same time, the board will provide proper oversight and clear lines of accountability for the Senior Pastor and staff.

2. How many people are on the board?

There are 12 lay members and the senior pastor for a total of 13 voting members.

3. Are other staff people on the board?

No. The board may invite others persons (church members and staff) to participate in the board to give their input, but only the 13 board members have a vote. Some staff members like the Executive Pastor, Finance Director and Facilities Manager will be needed to give reports to the Board and assist them as they review church property, finances and the administrative needs of the church.

4. How often does the board meet?

The governing document requires that the board must meet at least quarterly. In reality, the board will meet monthly with exception of perhaps July and December. The board may also meet in addition to its regularly scheduled meetings as needed.

5. How long do members of the board serve?

Members of the board serve a three-year term. The board is organized into three classes of four members with one-third of the board rotating off each year. Board members are not allowed to succeed themselves.

6. How does the church know what happens in the board?

The single board model actually makes it easier to commutate its work to the church because it is not spread out into four different committees meeting throughout the month. The members of the board with their contact information are posted on the church website, the board agenda is posted prior to its meetings and a report after each meeting will also be posted. It is envisioned that regular town-hall meetings be organized to share information with the church about its work and the needs of the church. The operating guidelines directs the board to develop a communication plan with the church to ensure open and transparent work. Also, like all meetings in the Methodist Church, the board is open for any member to attend. The board may to go into a closed meeting where confidentiality is required to discuss staff matters, legal issues, contract negotiations and other items as provided for in the Book of Discipline.

If you want more information, you are invited to talk to any of the task force members, or you can email Sr. Pastor, Jim Bass.