Catylyst Men’s Group

A catalyst is an agent which quickly causes change or action and that is what this “Catalyst” is all about...moving men to action.  Men of faith, it is time to awaken and get your faith in motion! There is much that is going on in and around Friendswood UMC that needs men of action.  Catalyst offers to connect you with other men of faith that are seeking a closer walk with Christ. 

 Catalyst is a Christ-centered ministry for men focused on:
Small group worship & study
Encouraging & supporting our families
Serving the congregation & our community. 

 ...oh yeah, we also like to have fun!
Gumbo cookoff
Chili cookoff
Other events 

So whether you are a man looking for opportunities to help, searching for answers or want to foster your faith as well as your families, then we are here for you.

Catylyst Men’s Retreat

The men’s retreat is an opportunity to grow in faith in a great atmosphere out in the country. The next retreat will be at Stoney Creek near Columbus, Texas  April 27-29, 2018.  Watch the e-messenger and this website for more information.