Each Sunday Morning

The nursery at Friendswood Methodist provides safe and loving childcare in a loving Christian environment for newborns through pre-K. The nursery's goal is to provide care that the parent or guardian can fully trust, thereby allowing them to enrich their lives and Christian spirit by participating in the church services and events of their choice, all the while knowing their child or children are in safe and loving hands. We also hope to instill in these young children a true love of God and their church as they start out their lives.  The Nursery is located in the Worship Center in the main hallway across from the Sanctuary.

Check-In Procedure

Our Check in/out procedures are designed with your child's safety in mind and encourage good communication between parents and nursery staff.  We use Parent Pager, an electronic check in/out system designed to register attendance and enhance the security of our children. The first time you check in, we will...

  1. Input your name, address, and cell phone number
  2. Record information about who is allowed to pick up your child
  3. Add a photo of each parent and child
  4. Input a digital fingerprint (optional) to speed up check in/out time

Parents will be given a pager to keep with them while their child is in the nursery. The nursery staff will contact you via the pager if your child needs you.  The pager can be scanned at check-out. 

When bringing your child to the nursery, please remember to label all times. 

  • Diapers, pull-ups, wipes
  • Change of clothing
  • Bottles or sippy cups
  • Comfort items (pacifier, stuffed animal, etc.)

Snacks (goldfish, graham crackers, cheerios, etc) are provided in the nursery; however you are welcome to provide your own.


Paid staff are certified in CPR and First Aid. We maintain a safe ratio of children to caregiver. The childcare space and toys are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.  We wash our hands before and after each diaper change and wear gloves while changing the diaper. Each changing table is disinfected after every diaper change.

In order to keep our nursery a healthy place, we ask that children with the below symptoms please not come to the nursery

  • Symptoms of diarrhea
  • Fever within the last 24 hours
  • Display of other symptoms of contagion such as a rash

For more information or for any questions you may have, please reach out to Hillary Stout or call her at 281-482-7535 x103