One Day Tween Retreat (with special guest Haley Brown)

Tue, August 8, 2017
One Day Tween Retreat (with special guest Haley Brown)
If you are a 5th - 6th grader, join us for a special one day seminar with special guest, worship event planner Haley Brown.  Saturday, August 26th from 8 am - 8 pm.

"There's no business like show business!" Or is there? Haley Brown, a born and raised Texan, grew up singing and dancing and storytelling in every possible way she could, dreaming she would one day grow up and get to make movies. After college, Haley accomplished her dream and moved to New York, where she spent a few years working on a dozen movies and tv shows and loved it.... mostly. After a while, Haley realized that this career choice was not as satisfying as she had hoped and so she spent a LOT of time praying and figuring out where God desired her to be. 

In addition to working in show biz, Haley has worked as a Youth Director, Worship Leader, Event Coordinator, Retreat Planner and has recently begun working as the Director of Family Ministries at FUMC Mont Belvieu.  More than anything else in the world though, Haley loves learning and exploring how much God loves her, how uniquely and wonderfully complex God made her AND how important it is to share that love and understanding with the rest of the world. 

Haley Brown has planned an inspirational day for our Arrows 56 student to discuss how “You Are...Unique, Chosen & Important!  This will be day-long intensive seminar complete with music, prayer and study...a time to dive deeper and explore their identity, build relationships, and create their “arrows”.   Oh yeah...there's also zip lining and swimming!

Fee is $15. Drop check off in church office or mail to Friendswood Methodist  110 N. Friendswood Dr., Friendswood, Tx 77546 - Attn. Robyn Moore Please make checks payable to Friendswood United Methodist .  If unable to attend ALL day then, don't hesitate to come for a little while. Just let me know what time to expect you.  We have volunteers to transport students to and from The Mainer's home .


For more information, email Robyn Moore