Friendship Sr. Adult Sunday School Starting New Study

Wed, August 29, 2018
The Friendship Class will be embarking on a new style of Bible/classroom study this fall, starting Sept 2.

The class felt led to the study of Insights of the Apostle Paul -  this study focuses on the astounding story of his miraculous conversion and tireless travels and communications with the early Church as an excellent place to start. In the first couple of weeks, we will get to know Paul through his early background as Saul, and be thoroughly familiar with our author of so many wonderful passages in the Bible. Then we will move to his letters, sermons, advice and admonishments one chapter at a time.  

The Friendship Class Apostle Paul Study begins Sunday Sept. 2nd.   We meet at the 9:45 A.M. Sunday School hour in the Parlor (S-103), in the hall next to the Sanctuary. There is no time limit, or schedule planned, so feel free to visit and attend for a season, or for a chapter.  For more information, contact Janis Finch.