First Sermon Series of 2019 - True North

Thu, January 3, 2019
First Sermon Series of 2019 - True North

Have you ever been lost? Maybe you went somewhere you had never been before and you weren’t sure where you were. The streets and landmarks were unfamiliar and you found it hard even to orientate yourself to find your way.

This past summer, Debbie and I took a vacation to Grand Cayman. We had a great time, but that’s another story. We had never been there before. We got our car rental and looked at the map to find the condo where we were staying. The problem was we were lost even before leaving the airport. We took a wrong turn that ended in a dirt road. Everything was different. The traffic signs were strange. The streets were narrow. Instead of stop signs, there were roundabouts. I had never seen a roundabout before. And oh, being a British territory, they drive on the wrong side of the road! Debbie kept reminding me as we drove, “Left. Left. Stay left!” Very shortly we were lost and didn’t even know how to find ourselves on the map to get unlost.

Getting lost is something we have all experienced. Sometimes we get lost in other ways too. Sometimes we lose our way in life. Sometimes we get lost in our life goals, in our relationships, in our careers, in our families, and even our relationship with God.

Sometimes churches too, get lost. Sometimes we forget God’s mission. Sometimes we get comfortable and complacent. Sometimes we get distracted from what God wants to do through us.

So, how do we get unlost? Simple. We have to find where we are on the map. We have to re-orientate ourselves so we can get to where we want to go. Eventually, Debbie and I did that. We found our condo and had an incredible vacation.

As we start 2019, we are beginning a new message series called True North. We are going to look at where we are going as a church by looking back to some core Christian beliefs that have grounded God’s people from the beginning.


Series Schedule:
January 6         Following Directions
January 13       For the Glory of God Alone
January 20       The Bible Alone
January 27       Jesus Alone is Lord
February 3       Grace Alone
February 10     Faith Alone