Wesley Hall Renovation Update

Thu, April 25, 2019

Wesley Hall Update
July 18, 2019

We are more than half-way through the renovation of Wesley Hall. Already the space looks completely different. Painting should be finished by the end of this week and the flooring installation will begin on Monday. I look forward to how the Lord will use this space for His Kingdom purposes in the coming years.

Great news! We have now fully funded all the needs to finish the renovation! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this work. I want to say a special thank you to our Cub Scout Pack 442 who surprised me Tuesday during the staff worship time to present a $1,000 donation to the renovation. Their gift is typical of the commitment and generosity demonstrated by so many. Thank you!

To date we have collected or received pledges for $63,500 toward the initial $47,000 we needed to cover the costs of furnishings, audio visual and stage lighting. Your extravagant generosity has also covered some unexpected overage costs during construction.

We are on schedule to finish the renovation by mid-August with only one delay. The acoustic panel installation will be delayed until mid-September. Manufacturing of these panels is taking longer than we planned. This delay will impact the use of Wesley Hall as we begin fall ministries by a few weeks. The staff is working on how to best work around this delay.

Thank you again for your generosity during the Jubilee Capital Campaign that made the renovation of Wesley Hall possible, and your additional giving that will enable this sanctuary to be a place where we will continue to worship, grow and fellowship for the next generation and beyond.

 Grace and peace,

The week of June 10, we began the demolition process for the Wesley Hall construction. Everything is on schedule and we will be doing regular updates at this link.

For the past six months or so, the Jubilee Renovation Task Force has been studying the capital improvement needs of the church. This project was part of our Jubilee Capital Campaign several years ago where 60% of the funds raised went to reducing the debt on our Worship Center, 10% to help our daughter church ChristWay (now CrossRoads UMC), and 30% earmarked toward renovation projects in the church. We currently have $305,000 available for capital improvements.

The Task Force initially hoped to renovate both Wesley Hall and the FLC Kitchen, however, it became apparent that the cost to renovate Wesley Hall would be more expensive than we anticipated. The decision was made to focus our efforts on Wesley Hall since that space is most used by the church ministries on a weekly basis.

Wesley Hall served as our sanctuary for many years, and many people have fond memories of significant moments in that space, but its current configuration no longer meets the needs of the church. Today, Wesley Hall is used as the primary meeting area for our students in Kingdom Ministry, Joyful Hearts Worship service, Pastor’s Bible Study, The Gathering Place, and multiple events and dinners and other large gatherings. The Task Force studied the needs of these ministries and how to best renovate the space to meet our current and future mission as a church. The Task Force believes we need to update the look of Wesley Hall with a new color scheme and make the space more modern to fit how it is currently being used.

Since the space will no longer be used for traditional style worship, the current chancel with built in pulpit and lectern, along with the choir loft will be removed. A new reconfigured stage will be built. The doors to the side rooms will be lowered and open directly to the floor, allowing better access to these storage areas. The carpet will be replaced by a hard flooring that can withstand spillage from dinners and events.

The two screens will be removed and a single large center screen will be installed that can be lowered when needed. To address the glare of the stained-glass cross at certain times of the day, a shade screen will be installed that can be lowered to cover the window as needed.

Extensive sound dampening is required to reduce the echo in the room. Acoustical panels will be placed on the back of the room and along the side walls. A new sound system will be installed along with a new AV booth in the back that will accommodate all audio and visual systems.

New light pendants will be installed that will significantly improve the lighting of the room. The lights will be dimmable so the lighting levels will be appropriate for all events. New stage lighting will also be installed.

Micah Simecek, a member of the church and partner with Studio RED Architects, has provided his services in the design of the renovation project. The renovation will begin at the end of May and should take about two months to finish. We contracted with Axis Builders, a firm that specializes in church building and renovation projects. The construction cost of the renovation will be $280,193, just under what we have available set aside from the Jubilee Capital Campaign.

In addition to the actual construction costs, we will add new chairs, stage lighting, audio and visual systems totaling another $30,000 to $50,000. In the coming weeks we will publish a booklet on how you can help finish the project with specific donations to ensure Wesley Hall is continued to be used to share the life-changing power of Jesus Christ in the coming years.

If you have any questions about the project, I would be happy to share more details. We will update you on the project as it begins.

Grace and Peace,
Jim Bass