Prayer Guide:  October 2017

Psalm 63:3 – Because they loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

The massive devastation of storms in recent weeks has brought many of us to tears and feelings of helplessness.   The damage to homes, the loss of belongings and memories has been hard to bear.   Many have stepped up to reach out to help family, friends and strangers with a roof over their heads, food, tools, physical assistance removing and fixing damage, clothing, transportation and other types of need.   One of the most important acts we can do for people in these terrible situations is to pray with them and for them.   We can lift them up through prayer to the comfort and grace offered by our heavenly father.   Many have expressed how incredibly reassuring it is and how grateful they are for the feelings of love as people prayed for them.

Additionally, prayer is a comfort for those lifting up others.  It brings peace to turn situations over to God and to know his loving grace will help relieve challenging situations.   To be able to sit in silence and feel his presence as we share our broken hearts is an amazing gift that he gives us.  He wants to share in our struggles and grief!   

Heavenly Father, we ask for your grace and love to surround those experiencing tragedy and devastation.  We ask that you guide us as we seek to help each person.  Thank you God for a love that welcomes us in all that we experience in life.  

(Thank you Lois Powers for your writing and prayer leadership!)