Sharing the life-changing power of Jesus Christ everywhere and every day.

Rooted in the long-standing beliefs of all Christians, we hold firm to the same common beliefs held by all Christian communities.  We believe that God—though one God—is revealed to us in 3 persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We trust that our salvation comes through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a grace offered to us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and not through our works.  We believe that as humans we are selfish in our very nature, and this sinfulness is only overcome by the power of God.  We believe that God is active in giving us strength to live rightly through the influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

As a United Methodist Church, we do hold these distinctive beliefs and practices as part of our Wesleyan tradition:

Open communion: You do not have to be a member of the church or any church to participate in communion.
Infant baptism: We believe God’s grace is available even to children and celebrate this grace through the sacrament of baptism.
Confirmation: At 6th grade we offer an opportunity for our students to declare their personal faith, confirming their baptism, and become members of the church.
Grace: We believe that God works in our lives before we accept him, that he saves us through faith in Jesus Christ, and that He continues to grow us in faith.
Acts of service: We believe that faith alone saves us, but our faith is best expressed in acts of service and devotion to God.

In addition to the core beliefs we hold and share with other United Methodist Churches, we believe these values drive us in our commitment to our mission:

Christ centered ministry: Everything we do must be intentionally focused on Jesus Christ.
Biblically grounded teaching: The Bible is God's Word, given to us as the authoritative guide for what we believe and how we should live.
Spirit led transformation: The Holy Spirit transforms us as we connect with God through prayer and worship.
Reaching beyond ourselves: Christ calls us to seek out those in need of His love and salvation, because everyone matters to God.
Sharing life together: God invites us to be a community of grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love.