Membership has its perks

Membership in the church is not like membership in a civic club or a fitness center. The ‘benefits’ of those memberships are a list of benefits and privileges reserved only for those ‘in the club’.

What membership at Friendswood Methodist offers is a connection to the larger body of Christ and the mission of the gospel. To join the church is to unite with the centuries of faithful followers who have proclaimed faith in Jesus Christ and dedicated themselves to the life of a disciple. We invite you to come and be a part of God’s family here at Friendswood Methodist and join us as we seek to fulfill our mission to experience and share the life changing power of Jesus Christ everywhere and every day.


Joining the church is more than just filling out some paperwork. It is about discovering your part of a larger mission and growing life of discipleship. That is why we offer Connect. In this one time session we share our vision as a church and how you can be a part of the growing body of Christ here at Friendswood Methodist. Our next Connect class is in the Parlor next to the sanctuary at 11:00 am on Sunday, July 21. To register, contact Janis Finch.

Registering for Connect? Save some time by filling out your membership form in advance.