Our Bright Beginnings Early Learning Program for children ages 1 through 4 is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and spiritual Christian environment that responds to the individual needs of children and families. Using a developmentally appropriate curriculum, we enhance children's development while creating a love for learning.


Our Bright Beginning teachers are dedicated, caring professionals who have a passion for working with young children. All staff members participate in early childhood continuing education throughout each school year, reviewing, and expanding their knowledge in both health and safety standards and early childhood research and development. All staff members are fingerprinted and undergo background checks regularly. Teachers are evaluated throughout the school year, working closely with the director to ensure a successful and positive school experience for each child. Everyone at Bright Beginnings is committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that allows each child the opportunity to thrive. 

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The early childhood program at Friendswood Methodist serves our children by:

  • Sharing Christ's love through song, stories, and caring interaction.
  • Providing safe classrooms that are fun and filled with age-appropriate materials, books, and activities.
  • Adhering to strict health and security guidelines to protect the well-being of each child.
  • Offering an open door policy. Parents are always allowed access into rooms as needed.

AGES 1-3

Bright Beginnings uses a child-centered, play-based approach to learning.  Our classes provide daily opportunities for children to explore a variety of meaningful materials throughout a carefully prepared environment that sparks curiosity and imagination. Through their explorations children learn about the world around them. 


Center Based Approach

We recognize that a child learns best through exploration and play. Through carefully prepared centers filled with a variety of engaging materials, children gain valuable skills across all areas of development. Hands-on explorations throughout the day allow children to develop language, foundational literacy, math, and fine and gross motor skills. Meaningful interactions with their teachers and peers allow children to gain valuable lessons in cooperation, conflict resolution, self-regulation, and problem solving. 


One of our primary goals is for each child to develop a solid Christian foundation where they know and feel the love of Christ.  All children attend chapel weekly where they learn monthly Bible verses, become familiar with Bible stories and characters, and praise God through music. 


Children love music and they love to move! To develop gross motor skills and encourage their love of music, all of our classes attend a weekly music/movement class. Not only is music class fun, but it also enhances the development of vocabulary, body and spatial awareness, and social emotional skills.


All classes attend science each week where they are encouraged to observe, explore, and investigate the world around them. Hands-on activities build on the children’s natural curiosity while helping them develop an understanding of how the world works.

Creation Station

We understand the importance of allowing children the opportunity to express themselves creatively. While they do this daily in their classrooms, all classes also attend our Creation Station each week. The focus of this class is not about the end product, but about the process and experience of creating using the child’s imagination, also known as process art. No two creations will look the same! Children are provided multiple materials and mediums that they can explore, create, and experiment with. At Creation Station, the only limitation is the child’s imagination! There is no right or wrong – only creative, and often messy, fun!


All Pre-K and Bridge classes attend our weekly Tinker Class. Tinker challenges children to think creatively and allows for open-ended exploration through a variety of materials. Working individually and as a team, children learn to collaborate, think critically, and develop creative solutions to challenging problems. 


Our prekindergarten program provides opportunities for cognitive, physical, and social emotional development throughout the school day. By embracing each child’s natural curiosity, our classrooms invite and engage our children into meaningful, playful learning experiences. Our low teacher-to-student ratio enables us to meet each child at his/her individual developmental level allowing them to reach their full potential. We believe that each student’s spiritual development is an essential element of our program. Every class attends chapel weekly where they learn about prayer, Bible verses, Bible characters, and stories.


Center Based Approach

Our Pre-K classes use a center-based approach that allows for exploration of a carefully prepared environment filled with intentional and meaningful materials and learning opportunities. Teachers are careful observers of the children, engaging with them both in small groups and individually. They help our students develop a deeper understanding of their experiences and challenge them to think critically and problem solve. Our centers include:

  • Library
  • Writing
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science & Discovery
  • Sensory

  • Creation (Art)
  • Dramatic Play
  • Fine Motor
  • Building & Construction
  • Rotating Topic/Thematic Activities 


Our students are exposed to rich literacy experiences focusing on language development, story elements, comprehension, shared reading and writing, print concepts, and phonemic awareness skills. By providing these foundational concepts in ways that are hands-on, engaging, and fun, we hope to develop a lifelong love for reading.


Opportunities to learn and explore fundamental mathematical concepts such as counting, number identification, one to one correspondence, classification, ordering, and patterning are provided daily through purposeful activities and experiences. 


The Bridge class is designed for children who have completed a pre-kindergarten program but are not yet ready to transition into kindergarten. This class gives children an extra year full of learning opportunities and maturity before they make the leap into elementary school. Providing a classroom environment that encourages confidence, independence, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills is a primary focus of the Bridge experience. Bridge students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences that spark curiosity and foster growth and development in all areas. Hands-on, engaging activities build and develop an understanding of alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness, print concepts, literacy, math, and handwriting skills. Children in this class attend weekly chapel, music, science, creation station and tinker classes. Their day to day experiences in the classroom will be similar in structure and routine as to what they will experience when they go to kindergarten. 


This class is NOT intended to be a replacement for kindergarten, but it will help bridge the gap that can often exist between preschool and the expectations of elementary!


Dee Ann Emberton

Director, Bright Beginnings

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(Office Hours - 8:00-2:00)

Dominique Buerkett 

Associate Director, Bright Beginnings

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(Office Hours - 8:00-2:00)

Jill Jalbert

Registrar, Bright Beginnings

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