Whether it’s how to be a better parent, how to study scripture, how to discover your place in the world, or any of a thousand different topics, we believe God will guide you! We take seriously our commitment to help everyone discover and live out their true life in Jesus Christ and offer a number of studies or groups to help you grow as a disciple and offer you the fellowship and support that we all need.We have classes available on Sundays and throughout the week that have a variety of group dynamics, age ranges, and focus areas. But if the choices seem overwhelming, or you just can’t find something that suits your needs, we invite you to contact us and we’ll help you in your search.

Friendswood Methodist has three overarching principles we follow in our discipleship studies:

  1. We are made to connect with God who created us in love.
  2. We are made to connect with others that God created in love.
  3. We grow best when we are connected to God through his message to us in the bible and with others in a healthy, life-giving community.

Friendswood Methodist is a friend to the Seedbed organization. We invite you to join our pastors, staff and many, many others right here at our church who are reading, talking and growing in God’s Word through the Seedbed Daily Text.  What a wonderful way for us to all be “on the same page.”  What is Seedbed?...

Many of our small groups read the Daily Text each day, then meet with each other to discuss, debate, learn and grow.  If you would like to begin a deeper journey with God through a classic Weslyan tradition, you can start here at the Daily Text site.  

If you are searching for a group, look through the tabs up above and if you don't see what you are looking for, you can always contact our Director of Discipleship, Janis Finch.

And if you are looking for addtional ways to connect with other adults, look over our Onward Ministry.  Onward Ministry is a fun game league just for adults where you can gather, laugh, get involved in devotionals, and in general, get connected.