Catalyst Men’s Group

A catalyst is an agent which quickly causes change or action and that is what this “Catalyst” is all about...moving men to action.  Men of faith, it is time to awaken and get your faith in motion! There is much that is going on in and around Friendswood UMC that needs men of action.  Catalyst offers to connect you with other men of faith that are seeking a closer walk with Christ. 

Catalyst is a Christ-centered ministry for men focused on:
Small group worship & study
Encouraging & supporting our families
Serving the congregation & our community. 

March 18, 2020 - Catalyst men,

For the next couple weeks I’d like to encourage all of you to please be in prayer for our church leaders, our church’s members and our whole community as we strive to overcome the Covid-19 virus and it’s effects on us. If you are in a small group then please be careful to practice social distancing to reduce the chance of becoming a vector for the virus.

There are video chat programs that enable groups to meet online; google hangouts and zoom to name two. Google hangouts is free and has no time limit, and you do not need a Google account. You are limited to 25 participants in a video call. 150 on a chat. Some devices also require Google Meets app. Zoom is free but limited to 40 minute meeting but can accommodate 100 participants.

My Saturday morning group uses Group Me, which is on online chat platform. Bottom line is this- stay connected to your group. We need to pray for each other and quite possibly many in our community may be needing us. The church is rolling out a Ministry Task Force soon to try to meet the needs of our church community. 

In Christ,
Kevin Lane



So whether you are a man looking for opportunities to help, searching for answers or want to foster your faith as well as your families, then we are here for you.

Men's Weekly Small Groups

Each week, men from the congregation meet to pray togther, read togther and to laugh together.  If you feel as if you are being called to a broader life of fellowship and deeper understanding, reach out to us and jump in!

  • Saturday 700-0800 am - Wesley Hall Coffee Bar - Kent McVey leader - any age welcome - Seedbed Devotional Study
  • Wednesday 600-0700 am - Dunn Bros. - Rev. Howard Huhn leader - any age welcome - Bible Study
  • Wednesday Morning 700-0800 am - Wesley Hall Narthex - Maurice Estlinbaum leader - all welcome - read thru the Bible 
  • Wednesday 700-800 pm - Education BLDG. E203 - Dean Hamil - All Welcome -  Bible Study or Seedbed Devotional
  • Thursday 7:30-8:30 pm - Education BLDG. E203 - Clay Jones - All Welcome -  Bible Study or Seedbed Devotional