Small groups may be one of the least understood parts of Christian life.  The purpose of a small group is to help one another grow…to help us belong to, believe in, and become more & more like Jesus Christ. We think we can go it alone, but we cannot.  Christian maturity is not a solo journey but a relational process.

Discipleship begins with understanding what God has done FOR US.
Then discipleship moves to God doing this work IN US.
Finally, it matures as God does this work THROUGH US in the world.

Not all small groups are equally effective in helping us lead transformed lives in our real life situations.  We concentrate on offering  2 types of small groups that are both important for becoming disciples.

INFORMATION-DRIVEN groups help us to understand what God has done FOR US and focus primarily on studying God’s Word and are organized by a common curriculum.  Of course Biblical literacy and basic awareness of basic Christian doctrine are important for faithful Christian living.  However, if the information we learn about these teachings and Christ’s example is not applied to real life it is not an effective way to help us become mature Christians and good examples of Christ in the world.

TRANSFORMATION-DRIVEN groups help us focus on God’s work and power IN US, in our real life situations, not on discussion or mastery of content, but on changed lives. These small groups are organized around a common desire to support one another to become increasingly faithful Christians who are growing in the love of God and neighbor.  The focus of these groups is to share life on a deeper level with a few others.  They are for ordinary, everyday people who face real life and want to journey with people who are real.

Let us grow together in groups in this journey of faith so all around us may witness God doing His work  IN US &THROUGH US in the world.  

For more information on Small Groups, contact Janis Finch, the Adult Discipleship Director 281-482-7535 x 121