During this health crisis, contact our Director of Adult Discipleship Janis Finch, for information about which classes are currently meeting in person or virtually.

9:30 SUNDAY Bible Study Groups:
Family Matters
- (Currently meeting via ZOOM on TUESDAY nights from 8:30 - 9:15.)  This class is mostly made up of those who have families at home from Pre-K through High School. The format will be to announce any news, quickly catch up on their families, a short lesson or devotional, then close in prayer.  

Pairs & Spares - Currently meeting VIRTUALLY on Sunday mornings at 9:30.  Format:  Praise God for answered prayer or what He is doing in their life, short lesson or devotional, prayer requests & close in prayer.  This group has a combination of those who have families at home as well as empty nesters.

Good News - Currently meeting IN PERSON IN THE CHOIR PRACTICE ROOM (Music Commons M-104, in back of the Sanctuary/Worship Center.)   This group shares good news of what God is doing, asks for prayer in various situations, prays for one another and studies a book in the bible for several weeks, addressing context and content for real life application.

Friendship - Currently meeting IN PERSON at 9:45 IN THE PARLOR (S-103) IN THE SANCTUARY/WORSHIP CENTER HALLWAY.  This group is mostly made up of retirees who love to study God's Word, as well as pray and support one another.

CIA (Christians in Action) - Currently NOT meeting in person, but staying in contact via emails and texts so they can encourage one another & pray for one another.

Searchers -  Currently NOT meeting in person, but staying in contact via emails and texts so they can encourage one another & pray for one another.

Currently we have classes that meet in person as well as virtually at 9:30 & 11:00 am. CONTACT JANIS FINCH, ADULT DISCIPLESHIP DIRECTOR, for details about which bible study group may be a good fit for you: janis@friendswoodmethodist.org

11:00 SUNDAY BIble Study Groups:  
Living Stones - This group is meeting IN PERSON in E-201/202 (Upstairs in the Education Building) and is made up of men & women & of all ages.  They study & discuss topical and bible based videos and books, encourage one another to apply God's Word to their real lives and support one another in prayer. 

Backstage - Currently this group meets via ZOOM each Sunday at 11:00am.  They study bible based books & videos as well as actively practice lifting up prayers each week for God's insight and wisdom to encourage each other in and through real life circumstances. 

Koinonia - This group is meeting in person in E-206 for bible based devotionals or are seeking understanding and real life applications as they discuss scriptures from the book of the bible they are currently studying. They lift one another in prayer and encourage one another.

Agape - This group is made up of mostly couples with children in Pre-K through Middle School. Currently not meeting in person, but staying in contact with one another to encourage one another and pray for one another.