During this health crisis, Sunday classes are temporarily not meeting until we can all come back togther again.  For information, contact our Director of Adult Discipleship Janis Finch.

9:45 Sunday Classes

Christians in Action (CIA) (in F-108) Living our faith through missions & outreach while studying Christianity and applying Christ’s examples.

Family Matters (in E-204)
Married couples with children studying scripture & bible based DVDs & applying it to their families & personal relationships.

Friendship Class (in S-103)
This group of retirees form caring, supportive friendships as they go through the bible in a 6 year study.

Good News (in E-201)
Singles and married couples examining scripture in-depth so we can live it & reach out to others.

Pairs and Spares (in E-206)
Scripture can be more understandable with a historical perspective.  Come join us whether married or single.

Searchers (in F-102) 
This smaller group of retirees love studying and talking about scripture as well as encouraging and supporting one another.

11:05 Sunday Classes

Agape (in F-108) Married couples with mostly infants - elementary children forming great friendships while learning what God has to say about marriage, family & life.

Backstage (in M-105) The 9:45 Celebrate Band welcomes you  to join them and others as they study God’s Word and Christ’s example and apply it to real life.

Koinonia (in E-201) Singles and married couples who enjoy in-depth study of books of the bible and real life application.

Living Stones (in E-206) Singles and married couples who focus on biblical/topical studies and applying God’s Word to real life.