At Friendswood Methodist, our focus when performing a funeral or memorial service is to use the resurrection of Jesus Christ as comfort and support while celebrating the life of the deceased. In the company of believers and through the uplifting strength of worship, family and friends can find the renewal of Christian faith, hope and love to sustain them in time of grief.

Whether it is a funeral or memorial service, the emphasis is in providing an uplifting celebration of God’s power over death through scripture readings, prayers and music.

The following brochures are available for families as plans are being made for funerals and memorials services
Funerals and Memorial Services: A Planning Guide
Suggested Hymns for Funeral and Memorial Services
Area Resources for Funeral and Memorial Services

Preplanning for Your Funeral or Memorial Service: A guide for those who would like to pre-plan their service by answering questions that would be helpful to those who will be making the final plans for your service.

If you have any questions at all, please call us at 281-482-7535.