Our prekindergarten program focuses on preparing children with all the skills necessary to succeed in their future school years. Our low teacher-to-student ratio enables us to meet each child at his/her individual developmental level allowing them to reach their full potential.  

We believe that each student’s spiritual development is an essential element of our program. Every class attends chapel weekly where they learn about prayer, Bible verses, Bible characters, and stories.

Center Based Approach

Our Pre-K uses a center based approach that allows for exploration of a carefully prepared environment. Here, teachers are able to work with children on specific skills in a one-on-one or small group setting. We are also able to observe the children in their play where we can encourage problem solving and help build social skills.

  • Library
  • Writing
  • ABCs
  • Math
  • Science & Discovery
  • Creation (Art)
  • Dramatic Play
  • Fine Motor
  • Building & Construction
  • Other thematic related activities 

Our pre-K classes attend science class where they are able to explore the wonderful world of science. Through the use of observation, questioning, exploration, and experimentation they gain a greater understanding of the world around them.


Our language arts curriculum includes...

  • Alphabet knowledge
  • Story elements
  • Journaling
  • Shared reading & writing experiences
  • Print concepts
  • Text comprehension
  • Phonemic awareness skills  (rhyming, syllabication, sound segmenting, sound blending)

Students are introduced to math concepts such as calendar knowledge, counting, number identification, classification, patterning, measurement, simple addition, and simple subtraction.

The Bridge/Transition Class

This class is designed for those children who have completed pre-k and are not yet ready to move onto kindergarten. This class will give the children an extra year full of learning opportunities and maturity before they make the leap into elementary school. The curriculum includes a focus on alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness, print concepts, literacy activities, math, and handwriting skills. Children in this class will attend weekly chapel, music, and science classes. Their day to day experiences in the classroom will be similar in structure and routine as to what they will experience when they go to kindergarten. 

This class is NOT intended to be a replacement for kindergarten, but it will help bridge the gap that can often exist between preschool and the expectations of elementary.