This class is traditionally for students in the 7th grade and is a time of personal decision making in order to confirm the vows of baptism. In this class, we come together to explore who Christ is, what it means to know Him through a life-long relationship, and how we follow Him as member of the United Methodist Church. Our prayer is that each student involved will commit to a real and personal faith in Jesus Christ, as well as begin to cherish the rich heritage we have as United Methodists and build relationships with peers and adults who will support them in their faith.


Program components:

The program consists of field trips, retreats, classroom lessons, both in large and small group settings, service projects, games, and a lot of fun together. In many ways, the Confirmation year is a “lab” for the Christian faith, seeking to provide as many experiences as possible.

Teaching takes place in large group settings as well as in “Discipleship Groups.” Discipleship Groups consist of no more than six students led by two adults. These small groups become close friends throughout the year and build a trust relationship unique to youth.

For more information on class of 2022 registration and dates, contact Chris Aleman Director, Student Ministries 281-482-7535 x109