New Sermon Series Begins August 18

Wed, August 7, 2019

Unlikely Heroes - New Sermon Series
We call them saints. Men and women whose stories were recorded in the Bible and retold in Sunday School lessons, in sermons, and lifted up as examples to follow. Sometimes they have been called the heroes of the faith. But it’s amazing how unlikely the Biblical heroes actually were — all of them flawed, mistake-prone and, at times, even reluctant believers — and yet, there they are in the pages of the Bible, used by God in great ways!

God has always called unlikely people to be His messengers. This remains true to this day. We often forget that our faults, weaknesses, and wounds are just what God uses to share His redemptive love and power.

Join us beginning August 18 and you’ll meet some of the most colorful characters of all. You’ll be uplifted and inspired as you consider what their lives teach about how God can use someone like you!