Recruitment Sunday

Wed, August 7, 2019

Sunday August 18 is Recruitment Sunday!
This is an opportunity for the directors of our infant, children, student, and music ministries to talk to you about what is needed to help minister to the children/youth on campus. The Children and Student Ministries will have stations set up in the foyer and hallway in the main sanctuary between all the worship services for you to visit, talk, ask questions and see the opportunities we have for you as a leader.

The best way to help youth know God is to connect them with someone who knows God!

If we want to help the next generation of kids and teenagers know God, then we have to strategically connect them to Small Group Leaders who believe in God and who believe in them. Leaders who connect with youth in a SMALL group over time have the potential to make a BIG impact on their faith.

When you lead small, you simply make a choice to invest strategically in the lives of a few over time so you can help them build authentic faith.  When you lead small, you realize that what you do for a few will always have more potential than what you do for many. So if you want for kids to know God, maybe one of the most important things you can do is to give them someone who will talk with them, and do life with them.

Is God calling YOU to make a greater impact on the next generation?

For all the ways you can help lead, contact the Director of Children & Family Ministries Lee Ann Love at 281-482-7535 x106