Youth Retreat Registration

Thu, February 4, 2021

Guys’ and Girls’ Retreat 2021 
March 26-28, 2021   $75

Guys will be going to a lake house in Livingston and girls will be going to a beach house in Freeport.

This is a retreat for 7-12th graders to get away from every day stresses and spend time with God and each other. We do have Covid safety precautions put in place. We look forward to getting away!


Retreat Covid Safety - Download Medical Form HERE

  1. Temperature Check upon arrival.
  2. Hand sanitizer available and used often.
  3. Masks required when social distancing is not possible. (worship, large group activities, ect.)
  4. Masks on in vehicles.
  5. All snacks individually wrapped.
  6. Most meals and activities outside, weather permitting.  
  7. No one shares a bed unless they are family or written permission from both sets of parents.
  8. Please attempt to quarantine the week prior. (Not necessary to miss school just not doing a lot of extra stuff.)
  9. See Medical Release Form for the following instructions.
    1. Have you tested positive to COVID -19 in past 10 days?____(if yes, you must be 10 days out from first symptom , fever for free for 72 hours and symptom free to attend retreat)
    2. Have you experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days ? specifically fever with headache/dry cough /sinus infection symptoms (not allergies)____(if yes, do not attend Kingdom event until tested negative for COVID 19)
    3. Have you been in direct contact with anyone who has tested positive to COVID in the past 14 days?_____ If yes, please do not attend Kingdom event .