Worship Online Migrating to Website

Wed, April 28, 2021

Beginning Sunday May 2, we will no longer be streaming our services on Facebook.  We will instead be hosting the interactive worship experiences though our own website at https://worship.friendswoodmethodist.org/

Since COVID struck in March of 2019, we have been evolving our online presence for worship services.  We have primarily been live-streaming our services on Facebook, but we have learned a few lessons in the past year.  While Facebook is a good generally available platform, you still need to have an account and you have to be following us to be able to watch in the services.  Facebook also only allows for limited interaction between our online hosts and the viewer.  All that removes a large part of our congregation who is not on social media.  

So we began experimenting with a new online service that is embedded into our website.  This new approach does not require an account, can be viewed by anyone in the world and has the interactive communication capabilities you might expect to have if you were in worship with us on Sunday morning.  This new migration will bring all our online worship attendees togther in one location.

Sunday morning, you will see a link on our Facebook account that will point you to our website, or you can simply go to our website (friendswoodmethodist.org) and click on the WORSHIP link at the top.

See you online!