A Special Message from Rev. Jim Bass

Thu, June 24, 2021

Dear church family,

I want to give you an update on the restoration progress of the Worship Center and facilities. I have some good news and some not-so-good news.

First, the good news: the repairs on the fire suppression system in the Worship Center are finally completed! It has been frustrating and has taken much longer than we anticipated because every time we fixed known leaks and ran a pressure test, new leaks appeared. However, after additional repairs, the system finally PASSED the pressure test yesterday with NO NEW LEAKS developing! Thanks be to God!

The contractor is anxious to get started, as we all are. The fire marshal will inspect the system today (as of writing, this has not taken place yet). If the fire marshal certifies the system, we can move forward with other building repairs (drywall, painting, flooring, etc.) and move back into the Worship Center in the fall. However, with the delays in repairing the fire suppression system, I don’t have a good assessment of when we can return to the building. I will update you as soon as the contractor gives us a good estimate in completing repairs.

Continue to pray for this to go smoothly without additional delays. The national supply chain issues coming out of the pandemic have impacted getting the needed building materials. Hopefully, these will be minimized moving forward.

Now for the not-so-good news. The primary air conditioning unit for the administration building went out, which affects mainly the staff offices, except for the youth area, which is on a separate unit. The AC for Wesley Hall is working well, so this does not impact Sunday Worship or anything in that space. But this does affect the operations of the church office.

I have adjusted the church office hours to 9 am to 1 pm Monday – Thursday. I apologize for any problems this may cause. If you need to speak to staff as you can imagine, even with fans blowing cool air in from Wesley Hall and the youth wing, it gets unbearable in the afternoon. If you need a pastor, you can call the church office and reach the pastor on call by pressing extension 500 on the answering machine. The staff will continue to work from home in the afternoon, and you can contact them via email or on their cell phones.

We have had some difficulty getting a new AC unit because of the national supply chain issues. We finally found one unit in North Carolina, actually, the only one available in the nation compatible with our current system! But we are having trouble getting it shipped here. A member in the shipping business is helping facilitate this, but it has been a frustrating process.

The air conditioning system is not a typical home AC unit. To give you a sense of size, it will require a crane to remove the old one and install the new one once it is delivered. The unit also costs $35,000! Which was not an expense we anticipated and has added to our financial stress with COVID and the flooding of the Worship Center. If you can give extra for this, it would be much appreciated and a tremendous blessing! Please note “Admin AC” on your gift. You can contribute either by check (in-person or mailed) and online at www.friendswoodmethodist.org/giving.

And now for some great news! Despite facility difficulties, Jesus is still Lord, and we will gather as God’s people on Sunday to worship in-person and online to worship Him. I am excited that Craig Gilbert (soon-to-be Reverend) will bring our message this Sunday. Craig preached a devotional version of this at Annual Conference, and I look forward to hearing a fuller message on what it means to be a worshipper of the Lord. We can still only offer two in-person worship services for now: Celebrate at 9:30 am, and Traditional at 11:00 am in Wesley Hall.

Finally, I will begin a new message series called Free Indeed!, beginning July 4th. As we gather to worship on Independence Day, the nation celebrates freedom, but we celebrate even greater freedom we have in Christ.

Blessings in Christ!