Waiting for the AC Parts

Thu, June 16, 2022

Air Conditioning Out in Worship Center - Parts Ordered

Dear Friendswood Methodist Family: 
There is never a good time for your home air conditioning to go out, especially during the hot and humid summer days. Unfortunately, our church home is in that situation today. 
The controller on our Worship Center AC chiller has failed. Without this part, the unit cannot turn on to cool the building. (Frustratingly, we replaced this part, which cost $5,000, just three years ago.) A controller has been found and is being shipped, so we hope to have it in hand this week.
If we can get the unit up and running mid-week, we will have services in the sanctuary as normal.  If not, we will send out information via the E-Messenger and here on our website.
We will update you on the repair as we know more.
Yours in Christ,