Guido Giovannini - HCA Houston, Clear Lake
Rick Woods (sisters: Tami Griffith, Judy Carter) - HCA Houston, Clear Lake
Carol Yeaney (daughter: Kelly Montalvo) - HCA Houston, Clear Lake
Carol McGaughey - St. Luke's
Mike Ratcliff - Encompass Rehab
Bill Kelly - The Crossings
Bill Jobe, Jr - Rio Rehab, Texas City
Lottie Palazzo (daughter: Melanie Schilling) - Regent Care Center


Helen Sawyer - Windsong Village

Joe Iacocca - August 12
Robert Senter, father of Bobby Senter - August


Week ending 8/15/2019
Family of Lori Ferazzi - bereavement
Dean Glenn - healing
Mac Currie - deployed
Vittorio Vozzo
Jeannie Larson
Jesse Lopez family
Ann Bost
Emma Moser K - good health
Marlin Moser, Sr. - good health
Tammy Smith - good health
College Students leaving home
Rick Woods - health
Wendy Barley - healing
Helen Sawyer
John Roberts
Patrick - health, recovery, faith
Alice Zoerner - surgery
Carol Yeaney - healing
Billie Flynn - praise for good report
Mac Schuelt - caregiver
Linda Regenburg - health
Elaine Goddard - healing
Terry Dubois - healing
Claude Dubois - healing

Week ending 8/8/2019
Elaine Goddard - healing
Carla Stinson - healing
Timothy Hale - healing
Trey Hancock - healing
Theresa Burton - healing
Diane Swalin - health
Tammy Smith - good health
Courtney & Emma Moser - good health
Kaile Sison - good health
Rick Woods - surgery
Mark Keehn - health
Wendy Barley - healing
JoAnn - health
Helen Sawyer
John Roberts
Donna Gregory
Family of Arline Urban - bereavement
Zachary, Cody & Evan - comfort and direction as they look for jobs
Barbara & Megan - storm damage recovery
Stacy - peace as she awaits outcome of interview
Theresa Burton - health
Family of Polly Andrews - bereavement
Carla  Stinson - healing
Elaine Goddard - healing
Jackie & Emily - healing
El Paso & Ohio families & victims
College students  - travel mercies, God's protection and leading, to feel God's presence with them

Week ending 8/1/2019
Timothy (Tim) Hale (grandparents: Wayne & Belinda Hale) - healing
Baby Zeke McRae - health
All students heading off to college
Katie - health
Marlene Broome - healing
TJ Felts - healing
Ann Bost
Billie Flynn - health, healing
Glenda Binkley - health
Elaine Goddard - healing
Luz Herrera
John & Jill Crittenden
Sherry & Dave Liddel
Laura Cobb - healing 
Patrick - healing, faith
Evan JOhnson
John Roberts
Mike N - health
Carol Yeaney - healing
Kelly Montalvo - continued recovery
Carol McGaughey - healing
Billie Nowak - healing
Lori Ferazzi - healing
Family of Julian - bereavement
Family of Sylvia Jean Hunter, mother of Danae Carlisle - bereavement

Week ending 7/26/2019
Cassidy Gunn - healing
Marlene Broome - healing
Family of Rayburn Anderson - bereavement
Cathy Whipkey - healing

Diane Swalin - healing, strength
Peg Iacocca - healing
Scott Gordon - healing
Dan & Karen LeMay - healing
Mark Murphy - health
Steve Freeman - upcoming surgery, peace, patience
Andrew Morgan - astronaut connected to space station for 9 months
Lori Ferazzi - healing
Velma Robinson - healing
Nancy Stokes - broken arm, healing
Family of Yolanda Turner - bereavement
Elaine Goddard 
Chris Shorb
Christy McGuill - healing and strength during chemo
Kelly Montalvo - recovery from surgery
Children of foster care
Zachary - God's love & comfort during job interview; favor
Evan - starting first job in New York
Helen Sawyer
John Roberts
Dennis S - surgery, healing
Tammy Smith - good health
Clint - health, hope
Patrick - recovery, faith
Alvin Methodist Church
Friendswood Methodist Church
Family of Joann Hill Kelly - bereavement

On-going Concerns

Amador, John
Bingham, Luke
Connor, Winona
Cooper, Jo Nell & Monroe
Currie, Eloise
Dubois, Claude
Edson, Mary
Eignus, Alicia
Eignus, Hap
Eignus, William
Gratzfeld, Susan
Hale, Timothy
Hinson, Larry
Iacocca, Joe
Iacocca, Peg
Kabell, Kevin
LeMay, Dan
LeMay, Karen
Matuszewski, Joyce
Miessner, Amber
Monych, Martha
Moore, Monte
Shamma, Jeff
Stinson, Carla
Taylor, Haskell
Trevino, Ernest
Von Dran, Eric
Wilson, Kelly
Wright, Judy M

In service to our country
Safety, Strength, Courage and Peace for:
Abuisi, Thomas (US Army)
Anderson, EMNC Jory (US Navy)
Beazley, Nathan (US Air Force)
Clark, Lt. Alex (US Navy)
Currie, Jason (US Army)
Didier, 1st Lt Brett (US Army)
Duke, 1st Lt Adrienne (US Army)
Duke (Plumb), Captain Diana (US Army Reserve)
Duke, Cadet First Class Haley (US Military Academy/West Point)
Engle, 1st Lt Eryn (US Army)
Folkner, James (US Navy)
Glenn, Lt Col Stuart (UM Marine Corps)
Green, Gwendolyn, Foreign Service Officer
Hiers, CDR Stephen (US Navy)
Isbell, RJ (US Navy)
LeMay, Cate Fry (US Marine Corps)
LeMay, Gabriel (US Army)
LeMay, Simon (US Marine Corps)
Lovely (Duke), Captain Kelley (US Army)
McLain, Brandon (US Air Force)
Murphy, Captain Denton (US Army Reserves)
Perkins, Bryce (US Navy)
Perkins, Sera (USAF)
Rinehart, David (US Navy)
Roach, Lt Jordan (US Navy)
Sayers, Eric (US Marine Corps)
Unbehagen, Capt Theo (US Army)
Womack, Matthew (Air Force)