Roy Stephens - Memorial Hermann
Bill Jobe, Jr - Methodist
Lannie Knight - Army Burn Center - San Antonio
Infant Brooklyn Grace LeBus- Texas Women's Hospital

Mary Edson - September 13

Peggy Iacocca
Bill Kelly
Marion King
Lorraine Burton
Bea Hartman
Jeannine McKain

Week ending 9/17/2020
Peyton Wood, Larry Smith's grandson 
Maurice Estlinbaum & family - loss of his sister-in-law
James Langley - health
David Jacobson & family - loss of his mother
Lannie Knight - healing from surgery & burns
Joyce Webb - cancer 
Theresa Myles & family - loss of her brother
Jerry Yeaney - healing from infection 
Derrick Callis - healing from surgery
Rodney Spangler - healing

Week ending 9/3/2020
Lannie Knight - healing from burns
Carol Stephens - peace, comfort, strength & perseverance
Roy Stephens - healing from heartattack & stroke
Family of Lottie Palazzo - bereavement
Family of Terri Steese - bereavement

Week ending 8/27/2020
Jim Watson - cataract surgery
Karen Carter - cancer
Jerry Talbert, Cindy Jone's dad - chemo treatments
Robert Trotti - healing from stroke last year
Marion Trotti - loss of her mom
Family of Jaymeson Haley - bereavement
Family of Becky Herder - bereavement
Family of Dr. Monte Moore - bereavement
Family of Jim Thompson - bereavement
Family of Jack Palmer - bereavement

On-going Concerns

Bingham, Luke
Bost, Ann
Bucher, Chris - esophageal cancer
Carter, Karen - cancer
Cooper, Jo Nell - health
Corrie, Kathy - uterine cancer
Dent, Rochelle - health
Dent, Sidney - health
Eignus, Hap
Gaudiano, Jackie - ALS
Glenn, Dean & Jean
Gonzalez, Emily -  grief & living situation
Gonzalez, Joseph - grief & living situation
Gratzfeld, Susan
Hale, Timothy
Iacocca, Peg - health
Jordan, Steve - pancreatic cancer
Kabell, Kevin
Kilgore, Keith
Monych, Martha
Peel, Janis - health
Shamma, Jeff
Stout, Hillary
Talbert, Joy - health
Taylor, Haskell
Trevino, Ernest
Trom, Dennis & Gladys - grief & living situation
Trom, Peggy - grief & living situation
Vargas, Dora
Von Dran, Eric
Wright, Judy M

In service to our country
Safety, Strength, Courage and Peace for:
Abuisi, Thomas (US Army)
Anderson, EMNC Jory (US Navy)
Beazley, Nathan (US Air Force)
Clark, Lt. Alex (US Navy)
Currie, Jason (US Army)
Didier, 1st Lt Brett (US Army)
Duke, 1st Lt Adrienne (US Army)
Duke (Plumb), Captain Diana (US Army Reserve)
Duke, Cadet First Class Haley (US Military Academy/West Point)
Engle, 1st Lt Eryn (US Army)
Folkner, James (US Navy)
Glenn, Lt Col Stuart (UM Marine Corps)
Green, Gwendolyn, Foreign Service Officer
Hiers, CDR Stephen (US Navy)
Isbell, RJ (US Navy)
Kabell, Kevin
LeMay, Cate Fry (US Marine Corps)
LeMay, Gabriel (US Army)
LeMay, Simon (US Marine Corps)
Lovely (Duke), Captain Kelley (US Army)
McLain, Brandon (US Air Force)
Murphy, Captain Denton (US Army Reserves)
Perkins, Bryce (US Navy)
Perkins, Sera (USAF)
Rinehart, David (US Navy)
Roach, Lt Jordan (US Navy)
Sayers, Eric (US Marine Corps)
Unbehagen, Capt Theo (US Army)