Edward (Bear) Handwerk - HCA Houston, Clear Lake
Terri Steese - Park Manor
Dora Vargas - Park Manor

Mary Edson

Ted Holleran, father of Greg Holleran - January 13

Ellie James Meyers - January 2
  Parents - Jim & Taylor Meyers
 Grandparents - Rick & Diane Meyers

Week ending 1/24/2020
Wanda Thrower - healing
Jo Nell Cooper - health
Clayton Stout - health
Ann Bost
Kelley Frank
Caroly Johnson - healing, comfort, strength
Tammy Smith - good health
Kaili Sison - continued good health
Mark Griffith
Vittorio Vozzo - healing
Cushing family - comfort
Hilary Famiglietta - guidance
Douglas Famiglietta - guidance
Christopher Rivera - guidance
Katie Vozzo - strength, guidance
Oakley Stewart
Annette Langenberg Smith - broken femur
Richard Pyke - lung cancer
Ron Kanard - recovery from neck surgery
Jo Ann - paranoid dementia, in nursing home
Louis, Jo Ann's husband - now living alone
Lisa Mayhugh - health, surgery January 24
Unity in the church
Jeannine McKain - cancer
Juan - severe medical problems, critical
Sheryl Swiggett's father - cancer returned
Nicole - healing
Sue - peace in end stages of cancer
Jim Robins - critically ill
Jackie Gaudiano - on-going Lou Gehrig's disease
Westin Talbert - peace and decision
Brooke Talbert - concentration, hard studies at Baylor
George Kilbourn - healing
Steve Canull - healing
Joyce Schrader - health
Christine Foret - health
Patty Bergeron - health
Makayla R - peace
Enies Burton - bladder cancer

Week ending 1/17/2020
Dennis Trom - health
Jeff Martin - health
Ann Bost
Kelley Frank
Zachary Cook
Jeannine McKain - cancer
David Arnold - prostate cancer
Wardlows - purchase of new home
Michael Fletcher - heart health, surgery
Delores Mire - hospice, peace
Maria - healing
Ron Kanard - surgery
Rachel Keehn - employment, current job changes and decisions
Vittorio Vozzo - healing
Cushing family - healing
Katie Vozzo - guidance
Christopher Rivera - guidance
Hilary Famiglietta - strength
Mary Ann Betthauser - bereavement
Tammy Smith - good health
Laura Cobb - knee problems
Clara Goeken - health
Kelly Montalvo - surgery recovery
Evan Johnson - MD Anderson will find a new treatment
Steve Canull - healing
George Kilbourn - healing
Clint H - chemo and radiation
Family of Helen Sawyer - bereavement

Week ending 1/10/2020
Phyllis Siewniski - health concerns
Imogene Scarborough - healing
William & Melissa Ballard - health
Jeannine McKain - no pain
Audrey Dickey - health, memory, hip
Marion King
Barb Henkel - terminal cancer, to not be in too much pain
William Clark
Kelsey Hewitt - strength, peace
Ann Bost
Conrad Hoffman - illness
Diane Neumann - health
Bob Selig - cancer
Ashley Pasket
Kristen Marinello - relief from pain
Troy Marinello - blessing for a daughter
Guidance to live in God's grace
Martin Houser
Erron - health, addiction
College students heading back to school
JoAnn - in nursing home with paranoid dementia
Louis - living by himself without JoAnn
Oakley Stewart
Emioy Stewart
Cole Clift
Tammy Smith - good health
Larry Geraci - lung cancer, starting treatment
Barbara Schwitters - health, healing
Sheila Tretz - health
Judy Carter - health
Shawn Presnell - health
Tom Griffin
Charlie Crittenden, Sr.
Chelsea Brown
Becky Raney - health
Courtnee Gabel - hip surgery
Dennis Trom - health
Riley Harkleroad - 19, going to war zone
Stee Canull - healing
Evan Johnson - health, cancer, acceptance into trial in Washington D.C.
Joyce Schreader - health
Our nation
Kelley Frank
Debra Duncan - healing
Baylissa Landry - stage 3 colon cancer
Family of Hadley Mae - bereavement
Imogene Scarborough - healing
Melissa Groening - healing of broken wrist

On-going Concerns

Bingham, Luke
Bost, Ann
Eignus, Hap
Gaudian, Jackie - ALS
Glenn, Dean & Jean
Gonzalez, Emily -  grief & living situation
Gonzalez, Joseph - grief & living situation
Gratzfeld, Susan
Hale, Timothy
Kabell, Kevin
Kilgore, Keith
Monych, Martha
Moore, Monte
Roberts, John
Shamma, Jeff
Stout, Hillary
Taylor, Haskell
Trevino, Ernest
Trom, Dennis & Gladys - grief & living situation
Trom, Peggy - grief & living situation
Von Dran, Eric
Wright, Judy M

In service to our country
Safety, Strength, Courage and Peace for:
Abuisi, Thomas (US Army)
Anderson, EMNC Jory (US Navy)
Beazley, Nathan (US Air Force)
Clark, Lt. Alex (US Navy)
Currie, Jason (US Army)
Didier, 1st Lt Brett (US Army)
Duke, 1st Lt Adrienne (US Army)
Duke (Plumb), Captain Diana (US Army Reserve)
Duke, Cadet First Class Haley (US Military Academy/West Point)
Engle, 1st Lt Eryn (US Army)
Folkner, James (US Navy)
Glenn, Lt Col Stuart (UM Marine Corps)
Green, Gwendolyn, Foreign Service Officer
Hiers, CDR Stephen (US Navy)
Isbell, RJ (US Navy)
LeMay, Cate Fry (US Marine Corps)
LeMay, Gabriel (US Army)
LeMay, Simon (US Marine Corps)
Lovely (Duke), Captain Kelley (US Army)
McLain, Brandon (US Air Force)
Murphy, Captain Denton (US Army Reserves)
Perkins, Bryce (US Navy)
Perkins, Sera (USAF)
Rinehart, David (US Navy)
Roach, Lt Jordan (US Navy)
Sayers, Eric (US Marine Corps)
Unbehagen, Capt Theo (US Army)