Cecelia Jones - Southeast Memorial
Infant Brooklyn Grace LeBus- Texas Women's Hospital
Edward Handwerk - HCA Clear Lake

Jeannine McKain
Mary Edson

Olive Powers - April 2
Margaret Holle, mother of Denise Fancett - March 27
Janet LaBorde, mother of John LaBorde - March 18
Harold Lawson - January 12

Camille McKay - April 2
  Parents: Zach & Hannah McKay
  Grandparents: Preston & Ellen Armistead

Ruth Abigail Nietsche - March 21
  Parents: Ryan & Jennifer Nietsche
  Grandparents: Walter & Denise Fancett

Benjamin Patrick Anderson - March 19
  Parents: Jesse & Kenny Anderson
  Grandparents: Mike & Sharon Sullivan

Week ending 4/10/2020
Kristen Phillips - healing
Camille, newborn granddaughter of Ellen & Preston Armistead, - hospitalized for high bilirubin count; parents, Zach & Hannah for comfort
Edith Vrana - healing of leg
Marlene Broome - healing
Sara Carr - God's peace and guidance
Tim Walker - healing
Cissy Bodmer & Joe Clark, aunt & grandfather of Adrienne Harrell - in nursing home in Texas City where many tested positive for COVID 19
Beverly Richards, aunt of Sharyl Haynie - shoulder surgery on Thursday
Liliian Wilson - tests, health
Alex & Sarah Jiminez

Week ending 4/3/2020
Imogene Scarborough - living at the Bedford with a caregiver
Paula & Jerry Bridges, parents of Alicia Mooty - Paula has been hospitalized with pnemonia due to coronavirus
Zachary Gunn - Houston Police Office, safety, protection
Gunn family - protection for good health, peace, strength
Stacy Brazzel's mom, Sondra Robb at Cottages w pneumonia and Stacy cannot visit 
Ruth Ann Baughman - confined to room at Atria
Kelsey Hewitt's mother Kimberly, has been sick for 4 days, they are testing her today for COVID
Matt Hewitt - safety & protection as he travel throughout Texas for his work
Sohpia Hewitt - 10th birthday, is sad about having to cancel party
Kelsey Hewitt - peace, encouragement
Sandy Hinson - father, Clyde is 103 and has returned to assisted living under hospice care after being in the hospital in Lubbok
Casey & Kari Stoker & girls - scheduled to come home from Japan April 20 after being there several years in missions
Abby Livesay - not working right now
Collette Currie Kendall - safe pregnancy
Shawn McFaddin - works in home health care with geriatric patients
Jocelyn McDowell's daughter - baby due at the end of the month
Leigh Ann Marx & mother-in-law, Jenny Lewis - safety, peace
Sheryl & Mike Murphy - health
Karen Carter - cancer trial study
Ann Elder's grandson's wife, Ashley - MD Anderson for treatment
Ann Elder's son-in-law Bob - starting another round of chemo
Taylor Meyers - works at UTMB Clear Lake, but is sent to different hospitals as needed, safety, protection
Alli & Shaye Westover - Shayne is hospital
Keith Faught - health
Marion King - clarity
Kristen Phillips, daughter of Max Kilbourn - very sick with the virus. She is in California
Lacye Groening - working in Switzerland for 3-4 more months
Ann Guess - healing of finger from cut, safe travel for son-in-law & grandson coming from Lubbock
Kat Granneman - works at a hospital, pregnant, protection for health
Patience for all during this time
Gerald Erickson - pancreatic cancer
Bob Giles' son
John Roberts - healing
Steve Canull - healing
Brent Brown - health
Bill Walton, father of Gage Martin - low blood pressure, health
Gary Marker - work place, essential
Mary Lou Lawson - loss of husband January 12
Madi Leslie - safety, peace of mind
Debra Krause - husband is first responder, son & daughter-in-law in medical field, daughter in genetic testing, safety and health for all
Russell LaGroue's wife - going to work downtown every day, essential
Ford Lowry - unemployed
Dean & Jean Glenn
All those who are working on the front lines in the Medical field and all essential businesses

Week ending 3/27/2020
Libby Wiley - hospitalized and on ventilator
Elaine Goddard - to be pain free in the decreasing of pain medication
Enda Elliott - continued healing of broken arm
Millie McElya - healing
Ray Estlinbaum - work environment, medical field
Ryan Estlinbaum - employment search
Will - employment search
Karen Redmond, mother or Lynda Estes - Methodist Hospital
High School Seniors
Coronavirus to be done and life to be able to come out of quarantine
Marion King - healing 
Brent Brown - health
Elva Nell Johnson, Bobby Johnson's aunt - hospitalized with bronchitis
Alex and Sarah Jimenez - grief, protection at work in Medical Center
TJ - health and patience
Larry Geraci - surgery Tuesday, March 31
Robbie Farris, uncle of Nancy Gehring - pray for correct diagnosis, possible brain tumor
Rod & Janice Didier - health
America and our economy
Kayln - baby due in a couple of weeks
Family of Mitchell Hornback, son of Mary Bell - bereavement
Jim Doane - CT scan Thursday
Ashley, Ann Elder's grandson's wife - admitted to MD Anderson for treatment for the next month
Bob, Ann Elder's son-in-law - starting another round of chemo

Glenn & Dianah Miller - relocation, health
Family of Clint Holt - bereavement
David Krupala, grandson of  David and Cynthia Hern - upcoming heart surgery
Tommy Holt, brother-in-law of Kathleen Holt - prostate surgery in Newport News, VA in  April
Cindy Cloak, daughter of Jack & Jean Palmer - surgery Tuesday in  Florida
Jim & Jamie Wheat
Bernard Fleming, brother of Theresa Tompkins - bladder cancer, surgery

Praise Reports
Linn Eignus - celebrating his 96th birthday
Infant Joseph Kelly is home from hospital

Week ending 3/20/2020
Infant Joseph Kelly - health
Sarah Gore - healing, raditaion treatments
Dick Morey - health
Radien Brizendine, mother of Kim Brizendine - health
Shannon LeBus - healing
Jim Gibson - health
Karen Carter - cancer trial study

Week ending 3/13/2020
Sarah Gore - Metastic Bone Disease, surgery 3/16
Shannon LeBus - C-section 3/17
Robert Wilson - health
Carole Page - health
Betty Felts - health, congestive heart failure
Doug McGee - health
Kelly Franklin
Judy Carter - health
Becky Raney - health
Margaret Lizano - health
John Crittenden - health
Stacy - health
Antoinette Forasiepi - loss of a son in January and another in February
President Trump - guidance
Ted Unbehagen - health
Barb Stricklin - health
Tammy Smith - comfort in her last days
Jenn Sison - surgery on Tuesday
Dennis Trom - cancer treatment
Susan Greissler - healing
All who suffer from corona virus - healing in Jesus Christ
Comfort, strength, protection for our Christian brothers and sisters suffering persecution here and overseas
Tristan Benes - burn unit at Memorial Hermann
Brinley Williams - right match in Medical Residency Match March 20
Mallory Moore - safe travels
Linda Sedtal - positive test results
Norman Bagwell - healing of lungs
Liss Calcedo - will be at court for her kids this week
Vic Vaughan
Steve Canull - healing
John Roberts - healing
Colt Currie - snow skiing accident
Austin Bauer - afib

On-going Concerns

Bingham, Luke
Bost, Ann
Bucher, Chris - esophageal cancer
Cooper, Jo Nell - health
Corrie, Kathy - uterine cancer
Eignus, Hap
Gaudiano, Jackie - ALS
Glenn, Dean & Jean
Gonzalez, Emily -  grief & living situation
Gonzalez, Joseph - grief & living situation
Gratzfeld, Susan
Hale, Timothy
Iacocca, Peg - health
Jordan, Steve - pancreatic cancer
Kabell, Kevin
Kilgore, Keith
Monych, Martha
Moore, Monte
Roberts, John
Shamma, Jeff
Stout, Hillary
Taylor, Haskell
Trevino, Ernest
Trom, Dennis & Gladys - grief & living situation
Trom, Peggy - grief & living situation
Vargas, Dora
Von Dran, Eric
Wright, Judy M

In service to our country
Safety, Strength, Courage and Peace for:
Abuisi, Thomas (US Army)
Anderson, EMNC Jory (US Navy)
Beazley, Nathan (US Air Force)
Clark, Lt. Alex (US Navy)
Currie, Jason (US Army)
Didier, 1st Lt Brett (US Army)
Duke, 1st Lt Adrienne (US Army)
Duke (Plumb), Captain Diana (US Army Reserve)
Duke, Cadet First Class Haley (US Military Academy/West Point)
Engle, 1st Lt Eryn (US Army)
Folkner, James (US Navy)
Glenn, Lt Col Stuart (UM Marine Corps)
Green, Gwendolyn, Foreign Service Officer
Hiers, CDR Stephen (US Navy)
Isbell, RJ (US Navy)
LeMay, Cate Fry (US Marine Corps)
LeMay, Gabriel (US Army)
LeMay, Simon (US Marine Corps)
Lovely (Duke), Captain Kelley (US Army)
McLain, Brandon (US Air Force)
Murphy, Captain Denton (US Army Reserves)
Perkins, Bryce (US Navy)
Perkins, Sera (USAF)
Rinehart, David (US Navy)
Roach, Lt Jordan (US Navy)
Sayers, Eric (US Marine Corps)
Unbehagen, Capt Theo (US Army)