Olive Powers - UTMB Clear Lake
Ruth Ann Baughman - Methodist (No Visitors)
Dora Vargas - Park Manor

Helen Sawyer - Windsong Village
Margie Harris - Fox

Hazel Didier, mother of Rod Didier - November 11
James K. Latimer, Jr., father of Cindy Damman - November 4
Glenn Lester Wilson, father of Alan Wilson - November 1
Larry Hinson - October 18
Elizabeth Jimenez - October 18

Caroline Rose Horne - October 27
  Parents: Matthew & Victoria Horne
  Grandparents: Alberto & Judy Trujillo

Week ending 11/14/2019
Kelly Montalvo - surgery in December
Edward Montalvo - safe travels this week
Becky Raney
Emryk - health, healing
Chris Shorb
Mary Shorb
Debbie Bass' students
Bernie Padilla - loss of wife in June
Sandi Camacho - comfort, peace in loss of husband
Guerrero family - peace, comfort as they await health news
Larry Geraci - lung cancer
Angel Phillipe & fanily
Tammy Smith - good health
Kailie Sison - good health
Lillian Wilson - cancer
Karen Carter - cancer
Ann Bost
Maria Ritchey - moving process to be good and easy
Bob Selig - cancer
Stephanie - stage 4 colon cancer
Mike fickle & family - daughter's death

Week ending 11/6/2019

Dean & Jean Glenn - health
Monte Moore - health
Sandi & Mark Comcho & family - peace, comfort, health
Karen Carter - healing
Sissy - healing for eyes, widom for doctors
Johnathan - salvation
Gordon family - bereavement
Patty Bergeron
Jennifer Carter - help, health, guidance
Pat Pinaci's children - comfort in loss of mother
Our president - guidance, strength
FUMC ministers - blessings
Kelly Montalvo - surgery in December
Dale Johnson - praise for successful surgery, rest & healing
Chris Shorb
Mary Shorb
Clint - healing, faith
Family of Richard James - bereavement
Sarah Stearns - AVV ruptured
Nicole Bourge - healing
Sandy Durke - peace, strength
Becky Raney
Darrell Walters
Brad & Natalie Whitmir - lymphoma diagnosis for Brad
Linda Adkins - health
AbbyAdkins - health
William Borrer - job loss, low self-esteem, panic attacks
Mulr Banks
Kelley Frank - breast cancer
Choya Walling - ALS
Bob Selig - cancer
Ann Elder's son-in-law
Liss Calcedo
Thomas - health
Ann Bost
Rodney Reed - to be released from prison and saved from execution
Kelsey & Matt Hewitt - custody battle
California wildfires

Week ending 11/1/2019
Maria Ritchey - God's wisdom
Stephanie - stage 4 cancer
Peggy Lawrence - cancer
Bob Stockinger - cancer
Peg Iacocca - cancer
Aunt Pete Walker
Our nation
Kelly Frank - health
Robert Wilson - recovering from stroke
Clif Brunson 
William Clark
Tammy Smith - good health
Kaile Sison - good health
Cole Clift
Bruce Vanover
Lightcraft team - safe travels
Lilyanne - breast cancer diagnosis
Dan & Karen LeMay - healing
Safe travel for Allison Wright's parents
Lillian Wilson - health & healing
Our armed forces - guidance & protection
President Trump - guidance & help
Jennifer Carter - guidance & help in outreach to students
Thea Carter - health
Zane Meyer - guidance
Hagen Meyer - guidance
Barb Stricklin - health
Buzz Welk - healing
Heather & Scott Gordon - bereavement
Patty Bergeron - Methodist St.John
Christine Foret's niece - health
Nicole - healing
Clint - healing, hope
Kelly Montalvo - foot surgery December 5
Nancy Smith - stroke
Family of Patrick Corte - grief over loss of a beloved son
Bob Selig - prostate cancer
Marilyn & Nelson Perry - health
Sidney Poole - stroke

Week ending 10/25/2019
Chris Shorb - praise for healing
Pauline Emberton - health
Operation Christmas Child - goal is 600 boxes
Kelly Montalvo - healing
Jan L. - healing
Jennifer Carter - guidance
Virgil Davis - health
Barb Stricklin - health
Ted Unbehagen - health
All sisters - to join their hearts
Our armed forces
Cole Gordon Family
Dick Moore (Pappy) - health
Keith Moore - health
Jeff Ploch - brain cancer, strength for family
Tammy Smith - good health
Maria & Isabella Ritchey - wisdom & grace
Jackie Hinson
Mike Travers Sr. - health & healing
Chris & Steve Jordan
Bob Selig - prostate cancer
Carol Mcgauhey - medical wisdom
Minju Callaway - traveling mercies
Byoung Sam & family - healing & peace
Bunny Reynolds
Mary Shorb - peace
Clint - healing, strength & hope
Cole - guidance & wisdom
Chelsea - strength & direction
Paula - health
Diego (3yr old) - leukemia
Kelly McCrummer - health
Jenny Minchew - health
John Roberts
Helen Sawyer
Elwood Weck - health & healing
Ann Bost

On-going Concerns

Bost, Ann
Bingham, Luke
Eignus, Hap
Gonzalez, Emily -  grief & living situation
Gonzalez, Joseph - grief & living situation
Gratzfeld, Susan
Hale, Timothy
Kabell, Kevin
Kilgore, Keith
Monych, Martha
Moore, Monte
Roberts, John
Shamma, Jeff
Stout, Hillary
Taylor, Haskell
Trevino, Ernest
Trom, Dennis & Gladys - grief & living situation
Trom, Peggy - grief & living situation
Von Dran, Eric
Wright, Judy M

In service to our country
Safety, Strength, Courage and Peace for:
Abuisi, Thomas (US Army)
Anderson, EMNC Jory (US Navy)
Beazley, Nathan (US Air Force)
Clark, Lt. Alex (US Navy)
Currie, Jason (US Army)
Didier, 1st Lt Brett (US Army)
Duke, 1st Lt Adrienne (US Army)
Duke (Plumb), Captain Diana (US Army Reserve)
Duke, Cadet First Class Haley (US Military Academy/West Point)
Engle, 1st Lt Eryn (US Army)
Folkner, James (US Navy)
Glenn, Lt Col Stuart (UM Marine Corps)
Green, Gwendolyn, Foreign Service Officer
Hiers, CDR Stephen (US Navy)
Isbell, RJ (US Navy)
LeMay, Cate Fry (US Marine Corps)
LeMay, Gabriel (US Army)
LeMay, Simon (US Marine Corps)
Lovely (Duke), Captain Kelley (US Army)
McLain, Brandon (US Air Force)
Murphy, Captain Denton (US Army Reserves)
Perkins, Bryce (US Navy)
Perkins, Sera (USAF)
Rinehart, David (US Navy)
Roach, Lt Jordan (US Navy)
Sayers, Eric (US Marine Corps)
Unbehagen, Capt Theo (US Army)