We are a group of young people dedicated to creating a space of authentic connection where everyone is welcome, and truth takes root to grow as a community in the victory set before us in Christ Jesus.


Haven was created to fill that missing gap of community for young adults. We believe in creating a safe space to be able to ask those hard questions that we all wrestle with. This group was created for everyone whether you are strong in your faith or if you just don't know what you believe and would like to know more. This is why we meet in homes and not in a large church setting. We meet in homes to share a meal together, have some fellowship time, pray, and dive into those hard questions of faith.  


Haven Ministries is for adults 18-30. We currently meet on Tuesday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 pm in room M-105 in the main sanctuary building. For location information or general questions, please contact Chris Aleman.

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Chris Aleman

For questions on our Haven Young Adult ministry, contact Chris Aleman

(281) 482-7535 ext. 109