Kingdom worship – Sunday nights 5:30-8:00 in Wesley Hall 

At 5:30 we meet and just kind of hang out and mingle until 6:00 pm when worship officially begins.  We have a worship band and Cole Hermes, Director of Student Ministries shares his messages. After worship, there are a few options, students can go to Aftermath, an in-depth bible study focusing on the message from earlier in the evening, they can stay and worship or pray in Wesley Hall a little longer, or they can migrate to the gym for games and food.  We get that student's lives are busy; we hope this time spent is a source of encouragement and energy for the week.    

TACO night – Thursday 6-7:30ish
Every Thursday, get to indulge in some kind of taco dinner and Talk About Christ Openly (get it…TACO!)  We have conversations about Christ, what it means to be a practical Christian in our world and in our schools today, they students ask hard questions and we give strong answers.  We all meet at a local Friendswood residence, Cole and Adrienne have the info so ping them. 




Our Tween Ministry for 5th & 6th graders (56...get it?) Led by our new ministry director Robyn Moore, the tween ministry will actively engage your kids to get them up out of the children's world and ready for Confirmation then the big Kingdom Student Ministries realms.  Big changes!  ...And big changes require a lot of care, communication and support between parents and kids, between kids and kids,  and between the church the parents and the kids.  It's all one big community getting ready for what's next!