Kingdom worship – Sunday nights 5:30-8:00 in Wesley Hall 

At 5:30 we meet and just kind of hang out and mingle until 6:00 pm when worship officially begins.  We have a worship band and Cole Hermes, Director of Student Ministries shares his messages. After worship, there are a few options, students can go to Aftermath, an in-depth bible study focusing on the message from earlier in the evening, they can stay and worship or pray in Wesley Hall a little longer, or they can migrate to the gym for games and food.  We get that student's lives are busy; we hope this time spent is a source of encouragement and energy for the week.    

HeBrews – Tues and Thurs 4-6:00 – in student lounge 

Hanging out at the HeBrews Cafe is more fellowship time and a chance to get to know everyone better.  It’s a come and go sort of thing.  we talk, sometimes we play games, sometimes students bring homework and other students will help and sometimes we end up in the gym playing games.  We have coffee, other drinks and snacks.  It’s a really laid back time for building relationships.  

TACO night – Thursday 6-7:30ish

Every Thursday, get to indulge in some kind of taco dinner and Talk About Christ Openly (get it…TACO!)  We have conversations about Christ, what it means to be a practical Christian in our world and in our schools today, they students ask hard questions and we give strong answers.  We all meet at a local Friendswood residence, Cole and Adrienne have the info so ping them. 

Deep Study – Thursday 6-7:30ish

While TACO awesomeness is happening across town, there is a different kind of thing happening at the same time up at the HeBrews Lounge, a deep bible study.  This is a study for those who want to dive deep into theology, dive deep into scripture, dive deep into Wesleyan general, dive deeper into God.  The conversations are introspective, searching and aimed at imncreasing our awarness of God in our lives, God in our community and God in our future.